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18Watt.com was created and primarily exists for the purpose of discussing the Marshall 18W amplifier, as well as amplifiers based on or derived from the original Marshall 18W. So we can talk about anything from the original Marshall amp, to all kinds of variations, using parts of the original design combined with other ideas. The field is almost limitless, provided there is at least some clearly recognizable part of the original 'DNA' there - such as the preamp, PI or power amp. There's also a few other close members of the 18W's family, Watkins' Westminster and Dominator (which the 18W derived from), Marshall's 1930 10W Popular and the various Marshall 20W amps, including the 2061 that are covered here. For other kinds of amps, there are many great forums already out there on the net, which will usually be the best source of information. If you would like to discuss other amps on this site, be sure to post them in the "That's Not 18 Watts" Section.

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