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Posted: Sun 05/03/09 4:55 am
by greaser_au
zaphod_phil wrote: FYI, here's another relay supply circuit someone sent to me. I've never tried it, and I'm not quite sure how it works...
I was curious, so I scribbled it out, it looks like the full-wave doubler shown here: ... liers.html
with some added decoupling/filtering,

Naturally, it has the same problem that all the other schemes have, It is only suitable if the rectifier winding (the one normally used for directly heated diodes) is unused.

At a wild guess (i.e without trying to remember how to apply the maths again :oops: ) it should supply 12V or so at a few 10's of mA from a 5V winding.


Posted: Sun 05/03/09 11:09 am
by zaphod_phil
That's what I had a hunch it would be, but never got round to checking it out....

Re: Channel switching via footswitch

Posted: Tue 11/26/19 12:21 pm
by emartine
I reflote this old topic. Is there an schematic of this mod somewhere on the site?
Its seems it existed somewhere in time. Thanks!