Old 36 watt build - a little help tweaking Please!

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Old 36 watt build - a little help tweaking Please!

Post by glp »

So I built this 35 watt back in '06........

My son has had it, yet he says he rarely uses it for various reasons (he is a giggin musician).

By and large he says 3 things:

1. It is too LOUD! I decided what he is saying is that in club gigs, the Master Volume is so touchy under a 1/4 it is too difficult to get the volume right. He's right, it is!

2. The Bass pot doesn't seem to do ANYTHING?

3. The half power switch (grounding out 2 grids) when engaged takes the volume WAY down and there is little actual volume control?

So I am thinking out loud here....

1. Change the 1 meg Master pot AND the Bass pot to 250's. Or at least on the Bass, raise the value of one of the cathode bypass caps way up to get more bass overall.

The half power thing I don't understand? Thinking of changing it over to ground out the cathodes?

Comments? Suggestions?
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Re: Old 36 watt build - a little help tweaking Please!

Post by dotfret »

I'm definitely not the best person to reply to you, but I can say a couple of things -

Grounding out the cathodes is NOT a good idea - that takes out the cathode bias!

Most of the people to ask have migrated to http://www.ppwatt.com/forum" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; - your username and password from here will work on that forum.

This part of the 18W system is like a graveyard these days, because the forum went down for a long time after a hacker attack a while back.
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