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Re: EL84 equivalent

Posted: Thu 05/02/19 8:05 am
by geoff 1965
fair comment Josh! and it's good you point out the error's for people to be aware of,but he mostly gives good tuition and i've learned a lot from in life,a person can do 50 good things but if they make one error people tend to see that and forget the good things he's done!
Anyway,lets get back to these "juicy" ecl86's!
apart from output watts they are pretty close to el84's,this brings me to output transformers,tha AO-44 is 12W 7.2K primary and looks a good match and Mark said you could also use the standard 18W,i've been scouring OT's and classic tone make a push/pull 10W 7.5K primary valco OT which i think would be perfect if you wanted earlier breakup i.e. the same as using a 15W OT in the 18W amp.
the 1930 popular using ecl86's in the downloads is rated at 10W but gives no reference for The OT.