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Postby nite-spot » Sun 03/27/11 5:52 am

muchas gracias for this tips, i will check out some.

telefunken ecc83 sound a little bit more "analytic" than mullard, a bit more "silk" but "velvet".

hifi freaks are looking for them, and a nos pair cost easily 150 $ and more on ebay.

i got some used about 50 years old telefunken (and valvo, rft, siemens & halske, a.s.o.) from a guy, who renovates radios from 50ies.

maybe those tubes still don`t work on 100%, for me it sounds pretty cool in different amps (div. silverface fender, ceria 18 w, callaham el 34).
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Postby njkmonty » Wed 03/30/11 6:33 am

i too got some Saratov EL-84'S from him aswell, and found them good, although when using my vvr (pa and pi)(low volumes) jjs sounded better

my nos's seem to go fizzy when turning vvr to 50% or below?
but the jjs would only go fizzy (hard to describe) at <30%,

although when cranking the amp Saratov EL-84'S sound to my ear an improvement to jjs
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