Does anyone know about LORENZ EL84 N.O.S:??

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Does anyone know about LORENZ EL84 N.O.S:??

Postby carloshaze » Thu 06/09/11 6:49 am

Hi people :) :)

Does anyone know about LORENZ EL84 n.o.s.?
I've got the oportunity to buy 5 units of this LORENZ EL84 n.o.s. for just 40 euros.
The guy that whant to sell them said that they are very good german tubes from 60's, as telefunken or siemens.

What do you think guys? are they any good? compared to teles, siemens,teslas, mullards maybe?

Thanks a lot.
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Postby dotfret » Tue 06/21/11 6:38 pm

Lorenz were part of ITT. As such, they had limited manufacturing capacity, and most of the valves they made were not for sale to the public - they were for industrial telecomms purposes.

Not enough info to make an identification. These valves might be made by Lorenz, Raytheon or Brimar. They might be "bought in" from Philips group, so could be Philips, Mullard, Valvo or S&H. Whatever, Lorenz is a name you can trust. Buy them!
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