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Postby menger » Sun 03/31/13 3:32 pm

I got a crap load of NOS 6gk6 50cent each
has anyone used these? iv heard there 6bq5 like
not the same pin out, ive got enough to switch
all my amp and have a live time supply there mostly
sylvania also got some el86 and ecl86 mark
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Re: 6gk6

Postby scrimpus » Sun 02/23/14 10:43 am

Nice score! 6GK6 is pretty much the same as EL84/6BQ5 with a scrambled pin-out and G3 is not internally connected to the cathode like EL84 types so be sure to make that connection on the tube socket. ECL86 is also a great tube, basically a 12ax7 and a EL84 in one tube. I have built a few amps with these tubes and really dig them. Ill buy any ECL86 tubes you don't need if you want to get rid of some.
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