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Posted: Tue 10/03/06 8:45 pm
by dartanion
still more photos 8O

Posted: Tue 10/03/06 8:58 pm
by wiggle

My bad on the rectifier...

Posted: Tue 10/03/06 9:06 pm
by wiggle
Just an idea please dont flame me.

What if whoever is in charge of the memorial fund takes some out of it to pay shipping on the items Dartanion has put together?

Especially if they are won overseas.

That is a ton of work and those are some heavy items to ship.
I dont think it would be fair to stick him w all of the shipping.
I dont think this is morally wrong.


Posted: Wed 10/04/06 6:58 am
by Graydon
I think we could do that. We'll have very minimal expenses to cover so the vast majority of funds brought in will go directly to the Durhams.

Dart, those amps look great. Thanks for your effort in coordinating this.

I stickied this topic.

Posted: Wed 10/04/06 7:31 am
by EBE
markh wrote:
EBE wrote: I have the wire EL84 retainers if you need them.
Hey Norm -- thanks much for the kind offer. :D Please contact me off-list (mark -at- mhuss com) for my address.

Wire retainers are on the way. USPS First Class Mail.


Posted: Wed 10/04/06 8:20 am
by markh
Looks great!

LOL - Pauls uses his chassis as a cheat-sheet too. (V T V T I S)

LOL2 - I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets tobacco-scented tubes from the sarge!

--mark h

Posted: Wed 10/04/06 10:55 am
by dartanion
These had a wonderful artificial PEACH aroma!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Sarge smokes some FooFoo little cigars :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: Wed 10/04/06 10:59 am
by dartanion
Hey Guys,

Thanks. I don't mind doing this at all, and in fact my wife has been quite supportive of me doing this for the Durhams. She has even helped out a bit where she can.

It also gives me a break from demolishing my house :D

Posted: Wed 10/04/06 2:24 pm
by teletroy
When is the final list of what's being 'given away' going to be listed? I'd like to tell some people about it.

Posted: Wed 10/04/06 4:09 pm
by dartanion
This is what we have so far:

Gabriel Voxer
Paul Ruby built EF86/Trem
S2 built 18watt Vajra (a Mark Durham design)
Wiggle built, Mark Durham tweaked JTM45
Mark Huss built 18watt classic (in progress) [edit by mh]
Ambrosia Maple 212 closed back cab (built by me)
Epi LP that has been tweaked - donated by JK
Pair of Scumback 12"ers for the 212 cab - Southbay Ampworks
Tubes for builds - Sarge, me, rjgtr, banker
Cabinets by Reason Amplification

And a whole plethora of parts from various members. Yes, we need a definitive list, but I am extremely strapped for time. Maybe someone can put this together as I do not mean to slight anyone.


Forget to mention that I would appreciated some help with shipping of the large items that I have in my possession. This would be greatly appreciated :D

Posted: Fri 10/06/06 2:25 am
by billv
Graydon has given the thumbs up for publishing the page set for the giveaway. This is on the left hand side in the Modules section. It is just now publicly viewable - anyone can get to this set of pages.

This is a work in progress & I'm polishing the format, editing wording & adding photos, etc. I need to add the guitar to the grand prize amongst other things.

I'll track the official list there if that's cool with everyone.

Posted: Fri 10/06/06 8:47 am
by s2
Hey guys! Sorry to have been quiet for so long, but I've been buried under Category 5 work for a couple of months now.

I have most of the parts together for the Vajra now (he used some strange stuff I don't have in stock) and will start on it as soon as I get my workshop set back up in the garage (August was so hot here, I had to move inside and set up on the dining room table--good thing I'm single). It will be finished within 2 or 3 weeks.

Dart, if you don't have that rectifier by the time I ship the amp, I'll throw one in with it. I probably have 10 or more here.

FYI, when Time Warner took over Comcast's customers in North Texas, things went really haywire with my email. I don't know exactly what happened, but it seems like they put some aggressive spam filtering in place on all IP traffic that blocked most of my inbound and a lot of my outbound messages. I also received bounce backs on most of my outbound mail with all kinds of reasons and explanations including spam, spyware, and viruses. This while all my computers are totally clean of all that stuff. I have since switched to Verizon fiber and things are back to normal now. So if you have been emailing in the past 8 weeks, odds are I did not get it.

Posted: Tue 10/10/06 11:45 am
by doctornorbert
Does anyone need a GDS trem plexi panel for one of the builds? I have one to donate, currently installed on my amp, but in perfectly good shape. I ended up building a TMB so don't need the panel. It could go in a grab bag as well. Let me know.

Posted: Tue 10/10/06 11:56 am
by LarryLarry
I just clicked on the Donate button for the speaker for the 18w Classic kit (not knowing what would happen next). I can donate either an 8 ohm Celestion V30, an 8 ohm Celestion G12K-100 or a 16 ohm Eminence Wizard. Someone let me know if any of these are acceptable and if so where to ship it!

Posted: Sat 10/21/06 5:20 pm
by markh
I added pictures of the plates donated by Chris S to the Mark Durham Memorial album in the Gallery.

My classic build is done, just waiting on tubes (I have random ones in there at the moment). No cabinet is available, so perhaps we can give it away as "everything but."