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Mark Durham Memorial Official Giveaway Thread

Posted: Thu 11/23/06 8:49 pm
by billv

Our dedicated & gifted builders have finished.  We are ready to give away five beautiful, hand crafted amps, in honor of the late Mark Durham.

First up is the awesome Gabriel Sound Garage Voxer.  The winner will be selected December 1, and we'll update the giveaway pages, as well as announce them in this thread.

Other prize winners will be selected every three days, until we are done.   It is likely that we'll have an 18 watt kit as another prize.   Look for more updates within the next few days.

We hope to deliver the grand prize - the Mark Durham designed Vajra - before Christmas day.

Thanks to everyone involved with this effort.  Please donate generously to provide Mark's family with needed support.   Even a modest donation of $10 will help, and your gift will be greatly appreciated no matter what the amount.

To the family of Mark Durham, our thoughts are with you this holiday season.

- The MDM Giveaway team

Posted: Fri 12/01/06 9:57 pm
by billv
I'll let Graydon post the winners' names in this thread.

Next up is the Paul Ruby EF86/Trem. Dartanion says it sounds KILLER. Drawing date tbd but soon.

Stay tuned!

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 1:28 am
by billv
Just got an update from Graydon. It is taking some time to tally up the tickets - we've had quite a response. It will probably be tomorrow before we have the winner in hand. Everyone who's donated through midnight 12/1 will be in the drawing for the Gabriel Sound Garage Voxer, as well as the subsequent prize drawings.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated thus far. We are spreading out the rest of the prizes throughout the days prior to Christmas.

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 8:53 pm
by bender
Congratulations to Simon Higgs ( for winning the Voxer!

Next up is the awesome Paul Ruby EF86/Trem 18 watt amp. The drawing date for this killer build is December 6th.

If you haven't donated yet, please join in!

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 1:27 am
by particle
When the Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway was announced, I was in total awe of this community. Not just for the the idea of the giveaway, but for the countless selfless acts of the community to give to Mark's family in their hour of need.

Now I am totally overwhelmed with the thought of actually winning a prize. I've won one of the the coolest damn amps on the planet but it's at a terrible cost that I can't even begin to imagine for the Durham family.

I can't really describe the feelings accurately but I'm not ashamed to say this has brought me to both elation and tears at the same time. I just hope in some small way I can put the Voxer to a worthy use and honor the memory of Mark Durham.

A big thank you to Graydon, Gabriel and everyone on for helping the Durham family in this way.

Please donate something to the Durham family without expectation. You never know, the next prize might be yours. With every donation, you will have won a little more comfort and hope for the Durham family. And that is what this is all about.

Best Regards to all,

Simon Higgs

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 3:02 am
by JeffE
A class act you are, Simon.

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 8:50 am
by geekmacdaddy
Sounds like you deserve it, Simon. Besides, L.A. needs to know about the Voxer anyway.

All the best

Two more prizes added to the list!

Posted: Tue 12/05/06 1:42 pm
by Graydon

Will Boggs from Boggs Custom Pickups has graciously offered to donate two sets of Humbucker pickups to the giveaway! Please surf over to his site and check out his wares.

I'll discuss with the other admins when we will draw the number for this one, but it will be sometime soon before the grand prize drawing so donate some dollars to the cause as soon as possible.

The winners of the two sets of pickups will be able to contact Will directly after the drawing and give his desired specs for the pickups.

Hey, you know he must be cool - His website is designed by Ducati! 8) :lol:

Posted: Tue 12/05/06 5:00 pm
by WBCustomPickups
Hello all,

I am Will's wife Laura from WB Custom Pickups. We were terribly upset when we heard the news about Mark and his family. We did not know him but we feel for his family's pain. Our family is honored to help his family with this donation. We truly wish his family all the best. Both Will and myself thank everyone who has taken part of this.

The winners of the humbucker pickup sets will be able to have them custom tuned to their specs, vintage wire is excluded.

God Bless,

Laura Boggs

Next drawing tonight!

Posted: Wed 12/06/06 8:17 am
by Graydon

according to our arbitrary schedule, today is the deadline for the next drawing. The next amp up for the giveaway is the Paul Ruby EF86/Trem 18 watt amp. I will accept entries until midnight tonight and then I will make the drawing for the next winner.

I announced yesterday that we now have two sets of WB Custom pickups added to the prize fund. Today I am announcing that the JTM45 group on Yahoo (which Mark Durham started!) is donating most (if not all) of the parts required to build a JTM45 amplifier. The large, expensive parts at least will be provided. The winner may have to source a few small items, but I think almost everything has been accounted for already. Much thanks to the JTM45 yahoo guys! The JTM45 was another of Mark's babies. He loved that amp as much as the 18W.

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone for their donations. We have raised over $7200 so far. Please dig deeply into your pockets and send a few more dollars to the paypal link on this site.

Posted: Thu 12/07/06 3:49 pm
by billv
Congratulations to Richard LeRoy for winning the Paul Ruby EF86/Trem 18 watt amp!!

We have some new prizes, so we're shuffling the drawing dates around. We'll have the next prize drawing announced asap.

Thanks again to everyone. If you aren't in the drawing yet, please join in!

Posted: Sat 12/09/06 9:37 pm
by billv
The next drawing is coming up! We'll be drawing for a select pair of custom tuned humbucking pickups, courtesy of Will and Laura Boggs of WB Custom Pickups.

This set of pickups will be customized for tone, according to the wants/needs of the lucky winner.

This drawing is set for Dec 11 based upon everyone who's entered through midnight PT Dec 10. If you haven't donated yet please join in!

Posted: Tue 12/12/06 9:52 pm
by billv
Firstly, congrats to the third lucky winner in the Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway, Hywell Sollis! He has the first set of WB Custom Pickups.

On to our remaining prizes. The drawing schedule is as follows:
  • Second set of WB Custom Pickups: Dec 14
    JTM45 kit (from the Yahoo user's group that MarkD started): Dec 18
    18w Classic: Dec 22
    JTM45: Dec 26
    Vajra: Dec 31
We're updating the public giveaway pages during the day tomorrow. Look for an update, including a link to send to anyone you know who would like to take part. Update: link to

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 10:17 am
by Graydon
Wow how the time flies! I am late in reporting the drawing for the JTM45 kit from the Yahoo JTM45 group. I'll do that next.

We have one more great prize added to the kitty. Simon, our Voxer winner has donated a brand new Gator gig box.

The Gig Box is a pedal board, guitar stand (3 elec + 1 acoustic) and general sting/pick/cable/junk storage all in an ATA case with wheels. I use one of these and I originally received two (one as a spare). It's held up well enough that I've never needed to use the second one. So I figure it should find a good home and benefit Mark's family. ... D=2&PID=41 ... L_info.pdf

Hey, what do you give to someone that has everything? Something to put it in!

So, please donate more cash to the Durham family and let's get on to the drawing...

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 12:37 am
by Graydon
Well, now that we are into 2007 and recovering from Christmas and New Years celebrations, let us get this giveaway back on some sort of schedule.

We will give away the following fantastic prizes on the following dates.

JTM45 amplifier (modified by Mark Durham) 8-Jan
18W classic (built by our very own Mark Huss) 15-Jan
The Grand Prize - Mark Durham designed Vajra amplifier 22-Jan

You guys have donated almost $8000 so far which is fantastic. You can read about the winners of our prizes so far in the threads in this room.

Sheri has expressed to me her deep appreciation and thanks to all of you for helping out in such a wonderful way.

Please dig into your amp funds and donate $10 or $20 (or more) to the 18watt group. For every unit of $10 you donate, you get an entry to the giveaway. Until the end of the giveaway, all donations to 18watt will go directly to Sheri Durham and her two daughters, Jessica and Marissa.
(I may have to use some of it for shipping expenses but so far that hasn't been an issue at all, thanks to the generosity of the folks involved in the giveaway prizes.)