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Posted: Sat 12/09/06 6:53 pm
by dartanion

This is the speaker cab that goes with the JTM45.

Posted: Sat 12/09/06 8:26 pm
by dartanion
Here's a quick clip on the trem channel with the trem off.

I'm getting tons of background noise as it is POURING OUT HERE!!!!

Posted: Sun 12/10/06 7:47 am
by pure_tube

Congratulations Richard! (oh the

That was my favorite! Now I'll have to (try to) build it myself... Well when my wife has finally divorced me because of the new project (#378 on the 'undone projects' list I believe) at least I'll have enough time to try it out 8O.

When I'm done, I'll send it to Paul Ruby for a brief evaluation, and hopefully he will be so despaired by my futile effort, he'll just make me one, instead of even trying to explain even the basics.

Best wishes to the Durhams!
...and to you guys. Seldom have I seen such a beautiful, and true effort.

Sorry, if I missed a thread somewhere... But I just wanted to know how Jessica is doing... Is she better?



PS: *irony on* Thanks loads, Dart for the soundfile! *irony off*, now that I know how they are SUPPOSED to sound I can go back to soldering...Shoot.


Posted: Mon 12/11/06 12:48 am
by rmleroy
Thanks to Dartanion for posting pic's and sound clip so everyone could see and hear the EF 86 build.
The amp looks and sounds awesome!!!

Thanks to...
It's got Russian Military EL84's and American
> 12AX7s from SgtOverdrive (Terry Kilgore), an EH EZ81 and EH EF86 from Dartanion It was built by Paul Ruby (
> with his special transformers and wicked clean build skills. Reason
> Amplification (Anthony) donated the cab. Chris Sargeant donated the Badges.
> And Apex Jr. donated the IEC power cord.

Best wishes to the Mark Durham Family!
Richard LeRoy

Posted: Mon 12/11/06 11:49 am
by dartanion
The clip sounds pretty bad to me with all the back ground noise. I'll see about posting another clip tonight.