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5th winner of Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 10:24 am
by Graydon

We have raised over $7600 so far for Sheri, Marissa and Jessica Durham.

Please refer to the first winner thread here for information about how we are picking the numbers... ... ic&t=14085

The fifth winner of the giveaway wins a JTM45 kit from the Yahoo JTM45 group that Mark started. Mark loved the JTM45 amplifier as much as the 18W.

Congratulations to

Matthew Corey

for winning the JTM45 kit!

Our next drawing will be in a few days. Please dig up some holiday cheer and click that paypal link above and donate your dollars to the cause. Every $10 donated gives you a better chance of winning a prize. Sheri and the girls are very appreciative of what we are doing and they certainly need it.

Once again, congratulations to Matthew Corey for winning the JTM45 kit!

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 10:37 am
by morcey2
I don't know what to say. I donated and didn't even really think about the drawing. Everyone here is great. I wish I could have given more for Mark's family.

I am honestly speechless.

As everyone else has said, If you can, donate more. After all, it's Christmas.


Posted: Wed 12/20/06 1:03 pm
by morcey2
I just told my wife about this and to quote, "Like you need something else to build!". She was being sarcastic, of course.

For the more important question. Who do I pay for the shipping? I know that there was some talk about the shipping being taken out of the fund, just to keep things easier to manage, but I would rather pay it myself and not touch mark's family's money.

Again, donate if you can.


Posted: Wed 12/20/06 1:07 pm
Congrats. I'm working on a JTM45 too!

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 1:14 pm
by particle
Congratulations!!! hurray congrats

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 2:23 pm
by Gabi
Hey Matt!!!



Posted: Wed 12/20/06 2:50 pm
by tarzanalog
morcey2 wrote:... but I would rather pay it myself and not touch mark's family's money.
Class act!

Enjoy your amp.

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 5:19 pm
by dotfret
It's nice to congratulate a winner! So, well done!

Tarzanalog - you have to be like Tarzan to lug that Marshall 8 x10 around, even if it does have wheels. That is a nice tailpiece, but if I put mine down like that it would encourage burglars - be careful! Remember that the web is a public place.

Posted: Wed 12/20/06 8:56 pm
by Dynaflow_Donnie
Congrats Matt! Thats awesome!



Ps: Said before, but everyone please be careful in your holiday journeys, if you even touch a drink, give it some thought before you get in the car, please.

Posted: Thu 12/21/06 1:11 am
by geekmacdaddy
Congrats, morcey2 !

Posted: Wed 12/27/06 12:23 pm
by morcey2
Some post-christmas thoughts. This is probably more just pointless rambling than anything else.

I didn't know Mark as well as lots of the people here, but I was aware of him and his contributions well before his passing. The Vajra is something that I have been planning on building for quite some time, but after my skills improve.

Being involved in a community like this is very cool. We live in a small town and is very much like that. You have the occasional schmuck and a few village idiots (this is me raising my hand), but when something needs to be taken care of, everyone pulls together and just gets it taken care of.

Being the beneficiary if a raffle like this is very humbling. I contributed money and tried to publicize it in places like and some stompbox forums, but many of you have donated so much more than I have, some great amps, pickups, parts, tubes, etc. The list goes on and on. I feel somewhat guilty and think that there are others that deserve something like this much more than myself. And I'm sure that there are going to be plenty of volunteers that will generously offer to absolve my guilt by taking the kit off my hands! I said that I feel somewhat guilty, not overly guilty. :D

Part of the reason Mark's family's situation hits so close to home is that in march, we lost a very close family friend to a pretty nasty wreck. He was driving truck on a fairly narrow road when a truck coming the other direction drifted into his lane when the other driver fell asleep. He left behind a wife and 3 kids between 12 and 3. He had very good life insurance, so the family is well taken care of, but it's one of those things. Everyone I have talked to that has lost someone that close has said that the hardest part is always the first Christmas without them, especially when there are kids involved.

Anyhow, I'll quit rambling now. I would just like to thank everyone here for being a great group of people. Sheri, Marissa, and Jessica are in our prayers.


Posted: Wed 12/27/06 1:49 pm
by Plexi
Class act!
I second that.. Congratulations!


Posted: Tue 04/17/07 11:52 am
by morcey2
Quick update. Most of the parts should be here within the next week or so. How do I get a hold of a Mark Durham memorial plate like are on the other amps? Also, Graydon, since you supplied the chassis, what kind of cab would it fit? Small box marshal maybe? Brian said that it is an early offset chassis. Is there anyone that makes an offset cab?

I hope to have it built before the end of may and post some pictures and sounds. :D


Posted: Mon 12/24/07 5:40 pm
by morcey2
I finally got this thing finished. Here's a copy of what I posted on the JTM45 Group board:
For those of you who don't remember me, I was the recipient of the
JTM45 kit donated by yourselves for the fundraiser raffle at for Mark Durham's family. I have a couple of days of for
Christmas, so I decided to finally put this thing together. Here's
who sent what:

Graydon Stuckey( Chassis, faceplate/backplate, internal

Brian Wallace(, PT, OT, Choke

Ray Domzalski( ): Loaded
(and I mean LOADED) turret board, treble cap, presence cap.

David Bailey: Jacks, Pots, PS Cap

Brendan Mayer: Preamp tubes, Rectifier.

It went together much faster than I expected. I finished it saturday
night, left it sitting overnight before firing it up. That way I get
a fresh look at it in the morning to see if I did anything stupid
(like not soldering one of the 12AX7 plate leads to anything.) I
fired it up this morning going through Paul Ruby's startup procedure,
biased it, and it sounds awesome.

Here are some pictures that I've taken. I don't have any gut shots of
the finished product because I've got some cleanup to do.

The power tubes are Valve Arts KT66 biased at about 37ma. I added
1.5k grid stoppers on the power tubes and a 200k bleeder resistor.
I've wired it for 8 Ohm speakers at the moment because all of my cabs
right now are 8 Ohm. It's running through a sealed 2x12 w/ well
broken in greenbacks. Many people have said to run it through some
good alnico speakers, because that's how it's meant to be but I only
have 1 alnico right now and I think it's rated at about 15 watts.

I was going to get some clips recorded, but I'm having some issues
with my computer sound card. I'll try to get some while I'm off for
the next couple of days.

Again, thanks to everyone who donated parts to this and who donated
money to Mark's family. I'm very humbled to have benefited from this.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

Here's the finished pictures:





Posted: Tue 12/25/07 12:18 am
by dartanion
Looks great! Nice work.