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Posted: Mon 07/27/09 3:27 pm
by WaZaK
I never knew the guy: gone before my time here.
But from the comments I read, I guess I wish I had.

Never known, but not forgotten.

Regards to all.

Posted: Mon 07/27/09 5:10 pm
by zaphod_phil
What a sad and tragic day that was.

Does anyone know how his wife and family are doing these days, BTW? The case of that murdered couple in Florida the other week, who had adopted all those disabled kids, reminded me of Mark when I saw it on the news.

Posted: Thu 07/30/09 6:39 pm
by morcey2
I got this amp back for a couple of days because I think the rectifier died. There's just something about a cranked JTM45 that's hard to beat. There's just something to it.

I know why Mark liked them so much. They're both marshalls, but a very different vibe from an 18-watt.

I was really lucky to get drawn for this amp and it's been able to help me with some bills with everything we're going through at the moment.


Re: 5th winner of Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway

Posted: Wed 01/20/21 8:57 pm
by morcey2
I usually make it a point to not resurrect 12-year-old threads, but I had to share the news. The Mark Durham Memorial JTM45 is back home. I had sold it to a very good friend of mine who has taken care of it for the last 12 years. I needed money for medical bills when I sold it originally. He needed money for tuition for one of his kids so I bought it back. He'll have plenty of visitation with it if he needs it for recording or a gig.

I haven't fired it up yet, but that will probably happen tomorrow.