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One Year Since Mark left us - Note from Sheri Durham

Posted: Sat 07/28/07 4:07 pm
by Graydon

I sent Sheri and the girls a note on Friday. This is her response. I thought you would all like to read it.
Subject: Re: You're in our prayers

From: "mark durham" <>
Date: Sat, Jul 28, 2007 4:45 pm
To: <>
Subject: Re: You're in our prayers
From: "mark durham" <> To:

Thank you so much for thinking of us. It was a tough day. I went to the cemetery with some friends and family and took Dr. Peppers, Mark's favorite. :) Our daughters were not able to go. It's too soon for them. Marisa is doing OK. Jessica is still struggling. She was hospitalized in May with an infection in her foot, in June for surgery on her knee and this month for another surgery on her knee and one on her ankle. We just got discharged last week. She is still trying to walk. Her spirits are pretty low after a year of living in pain. It's still a "wait and see" prognosis. Plus, she's 13 and all that entails.

We miss Mark every day on so many levels. He'll have his 56th birthday on August 5 and it still doesn't seem real that he's not around. Please forward this message to anyone in the 18 watt group that knew him. Give them our sincerest thanks for all the kindness they've shown us.

...and thank you too, Graydon.
Sheri, Marisa and Jessica Durham

Posted: Sat 07/28/07 4:14 pm
by brownnote
I really feel for his family...he was a good man.

Posted: Sat 07/28/07 4:39 pm

Posted: Sat 07/28/07 10:33 pm
by JoeV
:( :? Life sucks sometimes. :evil:

Posted: Sun 07/29/07 4:35 pm
by rjgtr
Now that I've built the Vajra, I'm reminded of Mark every day. I never knew him personally, just on the forum. He was such a helpful and good guy.

He is greatly missed.

Posted: Mon 07/30/07 7:56 pm
by briane
I never new mark. I only joined 18watt a few weeks before his unhappy incident.

That said, I will forever be gratefull to mark for getting the information to people like me who always wanted to build amps. Its is only through this forum that I was given the knowledge to pursue a hobby I had wanted to undertake for over 20 years. This site has been a godsend.

I think many moons from now mark will be known as the father of the boutique amp market.

Its really terrible when someone is taken away who has so much left to offer.

Posted: Tue 07/31/07 1:58 pm
by LarryLarry
Thanks for sharing the update with us Graydon. It's terribly sad but it gives us a perspective we all need...