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Posted: Tue 02/10/09 10:29 pm
by Z_Stingray
Dang! I missed it again.

Posted: Wed 02/11/09 7:55 am
by zaphod_phil
Z_Stingray wrote:Dang! I missed it again.
Same here.... grrr.... :x

Where's all my time going. And I've got two amps on my bench at the moment... needing to be worked on....

Posted: Wed 02/11/09 1:39 pm
by Gabi

It is maybe too late but detailed schematic with pics, etc. on my blog here: ... -capacitor


Posted: Wed 02/11/09 1:50 pm
by Gabi
Hey guys - don't dispair!

Gabtone TV has On-Demand!

1. Goto:

2: Click on MENU then click on BROWSE ON-DEMAND LIBRARY

you'll find yesterday recorded show (V18 Run Through).


Posted: Mon 02/16/09 12:41 pm
by Travst
I tuned in for the demo and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for all you do, Gabi!

Posted: Thu 01/14/10 3:11 pm
by Gabi
Hi 18w Gang!

Another thread resurrection...

Just a short heads up that I'll resume the Live Shop Web Cam on Gabtone TV ( ) today at 4:00 pm CST.
I'll try this to make it a more consistent broadcast (at least for work days afternoons).

Hop on and spy on what's going on over at GSG!



Posted: Thu 10/07/10 5:00 pm
by Gabi
Hi Boys and Girls -

Sorry for this old post resurrection but I thought some of you might have fun seeing the live GSG Shop Cam here:

Go ahead and log on the chad with a nikname and feel free to ask questions.



Posted: Thu 05/05/11 8:14 pm
by doubtingthomas
Very cool! The Aphex Twin background ambient music is a nice touch 8) .