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JA aka Jersey Aaron will be back shortly.

Posted: Sat 11/21/09 5:11 pm
by Graydon

The admins got together and decided that we would invite Jersey Aaron back onto Aaron's attitude throughout the situation was such that it paved the way for restoration here.

He is a commercial vendor so as with all vendors, you have to consider the source when they(we) make comments. (caveat emptor!) In general too, vendors are asked to include a disclaimer in their sig file that shows their affiliations and to not promote their commercial enterprise except to answer direct questions regarding their products. When the discussion turns to pricing, it should also go to direct email rather than being discussed on Our goal is that even vendors would participate as regular amp builders. We do not want vendors to use 18watt only to hawk their wares.

Discussion of Weber products in depth is still something that should be taken to the Weber forums since they are better suited to answer those questions anyway but brief discussion will not be immediately banned to the wastebin as it was before.

If there are any questions, please ask, but please let's not open any old wounds. The moves made by the admins were necessary based on the information we had at the time, much of which was never made public in order to prevent needless inflammation of an already bad situation.

The 18watt admins

Posted: Sat 11/21/09 6:56 pm
by kd
That's good news. I always enjoyed reading his comments and hearing about what he was working on.


Posted: Sat 11/21/09 8:00 pm
by Smokin-Tone

Posted: Sat 11/21/09 8:22 pm
by candh
That's great! Bygones be bygones is a good thing.