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2012 Motor City Amplifier Showcase

Posted: Tue 02/21/12 12:42 pm
by Graydon

Come see us at the Motor City Amp Showcase on March 10!

21122 Indian St.,
Southfield, MI.

For more info, contact myself or Matt Schellenberg at (248)476-2818, email:

GDS/Guytron will be there as well as Metro, Toneshop, and a few others.

There is a Facebook page as well... ... 7171472550

Posted: Wed 02/22/12 10:50 am
by lesgoldy
That facebook link doesn't seem to be valid.

Posted: Wed 02/22/12 5:07 pm
by Graydon
Sorry, I'll try to fix it. In the meanwhile, just search "Motor city amp showcase" on Facebook.

Posted: Mon 03/05/12 7:21 pm
by Graydon
OK, I fixed the link. Less than a week out to the amp showcase and it is shaping up to be a fun day. Everyone is welcome this Saturday in Southfield (a suburb of Detroit.) ... 7171472550

21122 Indian Street,
Southfield, MI

Be sure to introduce yourself if you make it out.

Posted: Wed 03/07/12 11:30 pm
by Graydon
It is looking more likely now that Ron Luczak will join us in our booth and we'll have his guitars on display. Check them out on his page...

We're also expecting a few customer amps to show up to be in display. I should have at least one Dumble clone and a couple customer 18W amps. I'll have a couple GDS 18W amps including a new 1-12 combo 18W S/C!