quick question been away for a while

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quick question been away for a while

Postby njkmonty » Tue 01/15/19 8:50 am

I have a friend wanting me to help them build an ac15 normal channel.
its been over ten years since i built my 18 watter with the help from this forum.
can someone point me in the direction if there is a schematic/ layout of such build?
just the normal channel?
i dont know too much about the vox range and im sure someone here know exactly where to point me!

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Re: quick question been away for a while

Postby JMPGuitars » Tue 01/15/19 9:17 am

If you want the best of both worlds, you could build the EF86 Lite which has the Vox style EF86 preamp on the 18 watt. I've built a bunch of them, they're fantastic amps.

Otherwise, I would go to our sister site at ppwatt.com, they probably have build docs they can recommend of specific Vox clones.

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