Crap, just purchased a 2005 2061x. OT failures really that common?

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Crap, just purchased a 2005 2061x. OT failures really that common?

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This is my first post here on 18W. I figure this is the place to get the skinny on what I should do. I just purchased a 2005 2061x without knowing that there seems to be an issue with the output transformer going belly up in the early models and 2005 in particular.

My budget is extremely tight and the amp has not arrived at my door yet. I don't really have the funds left over to get the transformer replaced and I wish I had done some more digging around (any issues and whatnot) before I made the purchase.

I just would like to know if since it's been running for 12 years already (the owner says it's flawless) how much do I need to worry and perhaps maybe I should sell it and do some digging around here for other options in the 18 watt arena.

BTW: I am the fortunate owner of this very unique little bastard (18 Watt "JCM800" in a Old Supro 2x10 Model 24 Cabinet with Hammond Chassis and Transformers) which I figure gives my the right to be here. It's the best sounding amp I've ever played. Thanks guys:)
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Re: Crap, just purchased a 2005 2061x. OT failures really that common?

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Welcome to the site!

Besides your 18 watter, your 2061 is actually part of the standard family of circuits discussed on this site.

I've heard stories of Marshall being good about (sometimes) replacing stuff like that. If there's an issue with the OT, I would contact them before spending any cash out of pocket. If it's a stock OT, it might be good to replace it down the road anyway.

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