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Famous guitars

Posted: Sun 01/19/20 1:01 pm
by crgfrench
I'm hoping that collectively we can identify the brand of guitars being used in these pictures of BB King and Jimi Hendrix. These are not their usual axes.

Re: Famous guitars

Posted: Mon 01/20/20 8:24 am
by JMPGuitars
Hendrix's guitar says Fender right on it. :roll:

Re: Famous guitars

Posted: Thu 10/01/20 12:05 pm
by 206AE86
I've been focusing in improvising lately but i've only used pentatonics so far. So i was wondering what kind of scales do the best guitar players use?

I heard that people like Clapton and BB King only work with pentatonics and Vai and Satriani work with modes, can you guys please explain this further?