18 watt with extra gain stages?

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18 watt with extra gain stages?

Postby CAMSHAFT » Fri 09/21/18 6:19 pm

I want to build an 18 watt with one or two additional gain stages on the main channel. Is there a schematic already made for this, or has someone made one like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: 18 watt with extra gain stages?

Postby Daviedawg » Sat 09/22/18 2:08 am

There are schematics available. Some here in the Downloads section under High Gainers. I do not recall any discussion on their outcome. I just had a wee peek before editing. There is a section on Plexi circuits as well. So you may well find what you want in the downloads.

Other option have included trying other Marshall preamps. There are certainly threads on that.

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