Weber Kit Grounding Modification

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Weber Kit Grounding Modification

Postby fishdogdaddy » Mon 10/08/18 1:10 pm

Hello to anyone who sees this.

I am not looking for help but rather sharing something I did that made a large difference and maybe it will help someone else at some point.

I own a Weber 18W TMB that was given to me second hand. It has always had issues like humming when teh volume was down, sounds like rushing water overpowering the whole amp, signal slowly tailing off after you roll the volume knob. Just all sorts of random stuff.

Let my dad take a look and he said he thought JTM45's use a ground bus wire across the back of the pots. We unsoldered the grounds from the lugs of the pots and soldered the ground lugs straight to the back of the pots. Then soldered a long solid wire across the backs of all the pots and then ran wire from the long bus wire to the main ground point on the chassis. Essentially individually grounding every pot for sure to eliminate the possibility of any issues. After we plugged it up all of strange issues were gone and haven't returned.

The copper plate the pots are mounted on is supposed to ground everything but for me it just didn't work properly. Below is the schematic I used prior to the modificiation.

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