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tube cans

Postby geoff 1965 » Thu 12/06/18 9:48 am

i bought an old royal air force amp from the 50/60's a while ago and the tube cans have a coat of screening paint on both the outside and inside.
i think it's a good idea especially for EF86's and the old mullards which can be a bit microphonic,it looks the same type of paint you sometimes see inside guitar pickup cavaties.
p.s. tried sending the pic Josh but does'nt add on in private messaging
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Re: tube cans

Postby JMPGuitars » Sun 12/09/18 12:53 pm

I use similar tube shields on all my builds: Image

The paint doesn't really matter, the metal shield does the actual shielding. The only benefit of conductive paint on the tube shield is so that you don't lose conductivity where the metal contacts the retaining ring, and then you don't have to sand down the contact areas.

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