Pentode (EF86) pre-amps and combo's?

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Re: Pentode (EF86) pre-amps and combo's?

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Will do. The 4th guitar on the list is mine (provided it dosent get bumped back by more orders) I also need to free up the CNC so I can cut out my chassis, or use one of the mills at my day job.
Thanks for the encouragement.
There will also be a video of the 2 guitara we are building at this moment, but it will probably be recorded with amplitube so not entirely revalent to 18
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Re: Pentode (EF86) pre-amps and combo's?

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I noticed this a while back, but forgot to mention it. If you look up the data sheet for the Z729 (which is GEC-MOV talk for EF86), ... 29_GEC.pdf" onclick=";return false;

there is a section on af operation with lots of handy hints on how to minimise hum and microphony. Particularly, you will find there is a sentence suggesting that connecting the screen to ground via a paper capacitor of at least 0.1uF stops a lot of noise.

Worth a read.
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Re: Pentode (EF86) pre-amps and combo's?

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Great Information was very useful for me thanks for sharing this information..
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