18 watt from a 60s italian pa amp

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18 watt from a 60s italian pa amp

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Hi everyone!
It's the first time i post here and i hope i'm doing it in the right place!
I recently bought a old amp made by the geloso ,the g215 a .
Being this amp with a pair of el84 i think it could be possible to convert it to a 18w ,at least the lite version without tremolo.
I would get rid of all the DC circuitry with the selenium rectifier used to feed the 12ax7 tubes and just use the AC 6.3 v wires already used for the el84 tubes...
Any of you think it's possible? For sure i need to modify the power section to obtain the right B+....
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Re: 18 watt from a 60s italian pa amp

Post by zaphod_phil »

I'm sure it's very much possible. So just go ahead and do it! :)
I recommend you start by first removing all the resistors and caps, as well as the chokes and selenium rectifiers. You will keep the chassis, transformers and valve sockets (as long as they don't have burn marks). Old transformers usualy sound great! Then you can build a Lite IIb with new resistors and caps.If any of your old signal caps (non-electrolytic) appear to be mustard caps, they will probably worth keeping and re-using. Those are really valuable these days. I also recommend using a turret board to mount the passive components on, such as this one from Weber - https://www.tedweber.com/6m18fb Just use any of the 18W Lite IIb schematics or layouts on this site. Then enjoy the great tone!!! :D
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