Anyone build the BYOC 18TMB kit?

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Anyone build the BYOC 18TMB kit?

Post by Diveguy »

I'm new to the form. I built the 5E3 kit from Mojotone and it works great as well as a number of pedals from byoc.

I haven't found too many reviews of BYOC's version of the 18tmb.

Has anyone built their kit and able to provide feedback?

The price seems reasonable so I thought I'd give BYOC a try.

As I'm in Canada, Trinity amps is the only amp kit distributer here and they have a number of 18w versions but no stock and I'm getting itchy for another build.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: BYOC 18TMB feedback/review

Post by JMPGuitars »

Trinity's kits are well regarded. Since patience is the most necessary ingredient when building a quality amp, I would recommend exercising it. 😉

Or just get transformers from and don't use a kit. There are excellent TMB docs in our downloads section.
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