This room is for 18W-related posts only!

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This room is for 18W-related posts only!

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Guys & Gals, this is just a friendly reminder,

The 18Watt Technical Discussion Room is only for discussion of 18 watt-type amplifiers, based on or derived from the original Marshall 18W. If you have a question about a 50W Plexi or a Deluxe Reverb, ask it first in a forum somewhere on the net where they discuss that amplifier since that will most likely be the best source of information, or one of our companion sites,, or Off-topic posts will no longer be allowed on

Our purpose here is to make it easier to search the 18W Tech room for specific answers to 18w related answers, as well as to keep this site focused on its original vision and purpose. If this site is clogged with topics that are not 18W related, then the sheer volume of posts will make it much more difficult to easily find an answer by searching the archives. We would like folks to find their answers by searching since 99% of all the questions have been asked already.

So, PLEASE search the archives before asking a question.


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