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18 Watt Extension Cab

Posted: Thu 10/24/19 9:01 pm
by gridlock
I’m thinking of buying a Mojotone 18 watt (Marshall 1974x type) 1x12 empty extension cab. Around $300 empty and it looks like it will mirror the matching Marshall 1974x cab.

I’ve got a Celestion Blue, a Celestion Heritage G12H30, a Celestion C90, and some RI Jensen C12N’s to try in the cab.

Anyone have experience with this cab? I’ve ordered a few things from Mojotone over the years and I have always been satisfied with my purchases.

Re: 18 Watt Extension Cab

Posted: Fri 10/25/19 6:05 am
by JMPGuitars
Probably the best thing they sell are their cabinets (I don't like their 18 watt circuit designs at all). I've used their extension, combo, and head cabinets. I'd recommend inspecting the finer details, but generally I like them, and haven't had any issues.