Determine output power

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Re: Determine output power

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TriodeLuvr wrote:
Tue 05/04/21 1:48 pm
The schematic for the 18 Watt Tremolo TMB indicates the EL84s are biased to about 12V. That means a 24V pk-pk signal at each grid will drive it to full output. A 6J6 would hardly know it's working! :)

With the bias voltages quoted in those docs, the tubes are biased at 85%. Obviously you would want to bias alternative tubes appropriately.
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Re: Determine output power

Post by katopan »

zaphod_phil wrote:
Tue 05/04/21 9:31 am
In my opinion, measuring the clean power output of a rock guitar amp is a waste of effort. The main reason we buy or build these amps is to hear them overdrive into their sweet-spot tones. Their "clean" tones still aren't pure sine wave, but have some distortion. As I've said in other contexts, this ain't Hi-Fi! :P
I somewhat agree Phil. But it's handy to know the ballpark to ensure an amp isn't going to blow up a pair of 60's original alnico speakers I have in my 1x12. I also like having a benchmark reference to compare amps against each other, fully accepting that the actual overdriven dynamic output power is not going to match my theoretical clean value.
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