Fuzzrite resto mod?

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Fuzzrite resto mod?

Post by cuffers65240 »

I have come across an original Mosrite Fuzzrite pedal that the best I can tell this is one of the units from 66 or 67 where the components are mounted through a phenolic board and has the infamous germanium transistors. Someone who thought they were a tech attempted to “fix” it and simply rewired the foot switch. I repaired this and the unit works well. I know it was purchased new by my mother in law’s cousin and it looks as though it hasn’t been used much. The pots are in phenomenal shape with no scratchiness at all.

Now comes the question. Do I modify to accept power from my pedal power supply (this will not see a stage, just don’t like using 9v batteries) or do I list it on reverb and use the cash to buy some other fun stuff? Is a “resto mod” classic pedal worth anything or ruined as far as the market goes?

I get that I am asking subjective questions and the only opinion that matters is my own but I appreciate a good debate with you cats so here goes.
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Re: Fuzzrite resto mod?

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The easy answer is, if you like how it sounds, and don't want to mod it, then use a 9V battery adapter that connects to your power supply. I've had at least 2 or 3 different pedal power supply companies include connectors for pedals without external power jacks.
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