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Posted: Wed 08/09/06 1:01 am
by jas
Thought I'd "bump" this back to the top and see how things are progressing on the raffle.


Posted: Wed 08/09/06 3:58 am
by dartanion
We're still working out a few details and hope to have everything up and running soon.

Posted: Wed 08/09/06 6:48 am
by markh
Ingo from Shinrock Transformers has contacted me offlist and has offered to contribute some transformers. :D

--mark h

Posted: Fri 08/18/06 2:26 am
by billv
People who are contributing the major prizes, please shoot me an email. Joe, Gabi & Paul, we're good.

The general 18watt membership can't see this just yet, but there's a module set up specifically for the raffle. Each prize has a page, with room for a description, links, a photo or two, etc.

We have a gallery set up for more extensive photos, and for recording this for historical purposes. Each of the builders/contributors will be able to post photos and captions. If you don't want to mess with the Gallery interface, you can always send them to me or one of the other admins as well.

We'll be opening up the gallery to public access during the raffle, unless there are any concerns. Let me know.


Posted: Fri 08/18/06 12:33 pm
by jk
bender -

what's your email? Thanks,


Posted: Fri 08/18/06 1:00 pm
by dartanion
Click the email button at the bottom of Bender's post :wink:

Posted: Fri 08/18/06 2:00 pm
by billv
If that doesn't work, I'm at

Posted: Fri 08/25/06 10:27 am
by geekmacdaddy
when is the actual raffle?

Posted: Fri 08/25/06 1:17 pm
by Graydon
geekmacdaddy wrote:when is the actual raffle?
We're doing the groundwork behind the scenes right now but I expect we'll make some publlic announcements here very soon.

In the meanwhile, make sure you have donated money to the Mark Durham Memorial Fund by clicking the paypal icon on the main page. Each $10 donation gets one ticket to the raffle.


Posted: Fri 08/25/06 1:25 pm
by geekmacdaddy

Posted: Fri 08/25/06 2:48 pm
by NitroLiq
Guys, I'm just on standby with any graphic or web work you may need so let me know when (if) the time comes.


Posted: Wed 08/30/06 1:22 pm
by dartanion

Paul Ruby has finished his build. I know this because it showed up on my doorstep yesterday :D

Anyone want to donate a head cab to house it?

Posted: Fri 09/01/06 11:50 am
by dartanion
Had some time last night and unboxed Paul Ruby's EF86/Trem build to check it out....WOW is an understatement. This thing is a work of art. My dig-cam is on loan to a friend, but should have it back tonight. I'll snap some photos and post them soon.

Posted: Fri 09/01/06 12:35 pm
by kd

I offered some KT 66 tubes but, no one said whether ya'll wanted them or not. If so let me know.


Posted: Fri 09/01/06 2:17 pm
by dartanion
Hi Ken,

We will be launching the raffle donations pages on Labor day, or the day after. I just received notice of this from Bender. He has been extra busy trying to secure employment, hence the delay.

Once the donations pages are active, you can submit your donation via the "Care Package" page, and you'll be sent an email of where to ship the tubes.

We'll post a sticky with reference to this.