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Posted: Wed 09/27/06 11:29 am
by markh
dartanion wrote:Mark,

Did you post a copy of that pic in the Gallery?

...That's beautiful!...
Not yet, I'm taking a bunch of photos as I go, with the intention of documenting the whole build process.

Note that it's built on a piece of gen-u-ine RS tagboard, which Mark D sent me 'just because!' :) :cry:

Note also the unusual PI plate resistor config. Two 1/4 watt 51k ohm carbon comps in series per anode. Twice the mojo! :lol:

Thanks for the kind words.

--mark h

Posted: Fri 09/29/06 12:04 pm
by dartanion


Cab arrived from Reason Amplification yesterday for Paul's build and she's a beauty!!! I will be assembling it this weekend and taking lots of photos. I hope to have the JTM45 all done here soon as well.

I was thinking that we should do some sort of badge for Paul's build that will denote that this was part of the Mark Durham give away.

Are you still game for a design for this baby? Maybe a special tube chart (EF86/Trem) and a badge for the front of the cab (nothing too gaudy though).

Also, anyone want to donate a Marshall style handle and some feet for the JTM45 head cab? If so, please shoot me an email.[/b]

Posted: Sat 09/30/06 9:39 pm
by NitroLiq
Dart, Just PM me with the exact specs for the tube chart (size and info) as well as the badge...the badge is a nameplate, correct? What do you want it to say? Also, it'll be helpful to see pics of the amp so I can decide on a good type treatment.


P.S. Don't forget to let me know what format you want the final files in.

Posted: Sun 10/01/06 8:11 am
by wiggle
dartanion wrote: Wiggle, what exactly was Mark Durham's role in the life of that JTM45?

He re-biased it for me. When I changed to the GT tubes, I couldnt settle on a good bias point and so he did. He also talked me into opening up the NFB loop a little. As youll notice I have it way choked back. I have always had trouble with the Marshall treble/presence. While he wouldnt directly do this as he didnt want to invade into my build he kindly mentioned it to me, and reminded me that everything would settle down tone-wise with a few hours of hard playing. He gave me his JTM 45 that had his favorite mods on it to dig into. I changed a couple of values around v1 to emulate one of his mods.
I honestly cant remember everything that was done. Because the amp has sounded so cool for 2-3 years, and I really havent touched it lately.

I hope someone really enjoys this amp.

Posted: Mon 10/02/06 11:49 am
by dartanion

How do I PM you? What's your email addy?


Cool beans! The story is becoming more clear.

I finally unwrapped the JTM45 and everything looks good, except the rectifier was crushed in shipping :cry: I'll see if I have a suitable replacement.

I also put Paul's build into the can supplied by Reason Amplification and it is beautiful. I took a bunch of photos and will post them tonight.

I've got a little more work to do on the cabs for the JTM45, but should have it completed by this coming weekend. I have just been way too busy for words.

I am also planning on having a good buddy of mine who is a phenominal player come by this weekend to record some clips of these babies!!!

Posted: Mon 10/02/06 11:51 am
by NitroLiq
Dart, you can email me at pankeleinATnycDOTrrDOTcom.