Mark Durham Memorial Fund Give Away - Remaining Items Needed

In memory of Mark

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markh wrote:IMy classic build is done, just waiting on tubes (I have random ones in there at the moment). No cabinet is available, so perhaps we can give it away as "everything but."

Do you still need tubes? I think Gabi has a couple left over that were donated.
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That's all taken care of. Check the gallery for photos of the completed build including 112 combo cab and NOS Mullards!!!!
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Post by markh »

Oops ... :oops: Actually, the Mullard output tubes that were sent by John M. (who also donated the NIB Mullard inputs) got lost in the mail!! (:evil:) I forgot that I have a set of beater tubes in there now. What do we have in the way of a pair of outputs in the old giveaway bin?

--mark h
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Post by SouthbayAmpworks »

Hey, just to let you all know, the winner of the JTM 45 you guys built for the MD Memorial is coming over on Saturday morning with his amp and cab.

The plan is to go to my storage unit, drag out two 4x12's, and let him try speaker combos until he hears the type he likes. I have a few speakers in stock at the moment, so if Larry picks some that are here, he'll be instantly gratified and we'll mount them up in his cab.

If I don't, of course, I'll have to order them and he'll have them in 3-4 weeks.

Figured since we'd nailed down a time for the demo that you would like to know what was going on. I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't checked this thread for awhile, but wanted to update it with the latest.

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