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1st Winner of Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway picked!!!

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 6:01 pm
by Graydon

We had 649 entries to the Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway as of midnight last night. That means we have raised over $6500 so far for Sheri, Marissa and Jessica Durham.

I obtained the services of a local gentleman who owns a Michigan Lotteries-approved lottery number picking machine. He installed only balls 0-9 and let it warm up for a few minutes. We then picked three numbers and we returned that number to the tank each time so as not to disqualify that number from repetition. I used those three numbers to generate a 3 digit number between 1 and 649. I was satisfied that it was completely random. Apparently the Lotteries Commision carefully weighed each ball to make sure that they each had an equal chance of being picked. I never knew ping pong balls were so consistent! :-)

Our first winning number, which is for the fantastic prize of the Gabriel Sound Garage Voxer amplifier, goes to ticket number 162, which when I look up my ticket register, reveals the following name...

Congratulations to

Simon Higgs

( for winning the Voxer!

I played a Voxer at the Chicago Tonefest last summer, and that is one great amplifier. It has a tremendous range of great tones and it looks fantastic. Simon has a great amp coming to him.

So, now everyone else, please dig up some holiday cheer and click that paypal link above and donate your dollars to the cause. Every $10 donated gives you a better chance of winning a prize. Sheri and the girls are very appreciative of what we are doing and they certainly need it.

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 6:13 pm
by Graydon
Here are some photos of the lottery machine...




Posted: Sat 12/02/06 6:41 pm
by geekmacdaddy
Oooh how exciting! Nicely done, Graydon!

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 7:01 pm
by mchauck do I give to Mark's family? I cant find the email address to give to PayPal...Regards

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 7:21 pm
by E-rex
It's in the upper left hand part of the page....right below the logo.

Great going Greydon and congrats to Simon!!! Awesome!!

Posted: Sat 12/02/06 8:36 pm
by lastwinj


Posted: Sat 12/02/06 9:15 pm
by Gabi


I am happy to know the winner and happy to know that Mark's family can be honored this way. My thoughts and prayers are with them...


Send us some pictures when it arrives!!!!!!!! it goes out early next week!!!!



Posted: Sat 12/02/06 9:57 pm
by Dynaflow_Donnie
Congrats Simon, and hey it does'nt get any fairer than that on the drawing, thats truly way more than I expected for a method of drawing. Good job guys.



Posted: Sat 12/02/06 10:34 pm
by Dana-L
I wanted that Voxer bad!

To help myself feel better, I went over to the Birds & Moons and Gear Page forums and posted plugs for the giveaway.

If other 18watt regulars who also visit those forums would be so kind as to occasionally bump the threads up for higher visibility, maybe we can raise even more cash for the Durham family.



Posted: Sat 12/02/06 10:46 pm
by tarzanalog
mchauck do I give to Mark's family? I cant find the email address to give to PayPal...Regards
Is the destination email address for PayPal donations "" then? I was wondering that myself...

Thanks and congrats Simon!

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 1:08 am
by Graydon
tarzanalog wrote:
mchauck do I give to Mark's family? I cant find the email address to give to PayPal...Regards
Is the destination email address for PayPal donations "" then? I was wondering that myself...

Thanks and congrats Simon!
Yes, if you want to simply log into your paypal account and send money, send it to

You can tell that to folks in other forums in case they don't want to join up here.

Thanks guys and a huge congrats to Simon.

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 1:26 am
by particle
When the Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway was announced, I was in total awe of this community. Not just for the the idea of the giveaway, but for the countless selfless acts of the community to give to Mark's family in their hour of need.

Now I am totally overwhelmed with the thought of actually winning a prize. I've won one of the the coolest damn amps on the planet but it's at a terrible cost that I can't even begin to imagine for the Durham family.

I can't really describe the feelings accurately but I'm not ashamed to say this has brought me to both elation and tears at the same time. I just hope in some small way I can put the Voxer to a worthy use and honor the memory of Mark Durham.

A big thank you to Graydon, Gabriel and everyone on for helping the Durham family in this way.

Please donate something to the Durham family without expectation. You never know, the next prize might be yours. With every donation, you will have won a little more comfort and hope for the Durham family. And that is what this is all about.

Best Regards to all,

Simon Higgs

Posted: Sun 12/03/06 11:04 am
by 7enderman
first of all congrats to simon.
the amp is a real beauty.

i emailed with graydon few days ago and told him how impressed i am about this community.
i´m here at for a few weeks so i joined this forum month after the accident.
but what i have learned in this short period of time, that i would be proud if my friends in my gerrman musician boards and in real life too will take so much care about my family if something will happen to me as you guys did in the last few month.

big respect guys !


Posted: Sun 12/03/06 2:20 pm
Congrats Simon!

Good Job Guys for making it happen.

Posted: Mon 12/04/06 12:46 pm
by dartanion
Congrat's Simon!!!!

That is one fine amp 8)