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4th Winner, Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway

Posted: Fri 12/15/06 10:28 am
by Graydon

We have raised over $7600 so far for Sheri, Marissa and Jessica Durham.

Please refer to the first winner thread here for information about how we are picking the numbers... ... ic&t=14085

The fourth winner of the giveaway wins a set of Humbuckers from WB Custom Pickups. (Thanks again, Will and Laura) WB will custom tailor the sound of your pickups to your style and tonal preference.

Congratulations to

Donald Menefee

for winning the second set of WB Custom Pickups!

Our next drawing will be in a few days and it will be for a JTM45 kit donated by the Yahoo JTM45 group which Mark started shortly after the 18W group took off. Please dig up some holiday cheer and click that paypal link above and donate your dollars to the cause. Every $10 donated gives you a better chance of winning a prize. Sheri and the girls are very appreciative of what we are doing and they certainly need it.

Once again, congratulations to Donald Menefee for winning the WB Custom Pickups!

Posted: Fri 12/15/06 10:31 am
by Hywelsollis
Congrats Donald!!


Posted: Fri 12/15/06 10:34 am
Congrats Donald!

Posted: Fri 12/15/06 11:34 am
by Gabi

Many congrats!!!!!


Posted: Fri 12/15/06 7:14 pm
by 7enderman
congrats don

Posted: Fri 12/15/06 8:29 pm
by Dynaflow_Donnie
Thanks fella's, thats me! I can't believe it! Thanks much to the donators and to and to the memory of Mark, I'll play them in your honor Bro. Thanks again.



Posted: Fri 12/15/06 9:01 pm
by jimipage
:D congratulations, DD! :D

Posted: Sat 12/16/06 3:40 am
by particle
Congratulations Donald! hurray congrats

Posted: Sat 12/16/06 3:51 am
by E-rex
I think those buckers are gonna lke the hot desert air! Excellent!

Posted: Sat 12/16/06 5:37 am
by rectifier
congrats Dyna! :)

Posted: Sat 12/16/06 10:40 am
by geekmacdaddy
Nice one, Don!

Posted: Sat 12/16/06 12:02 pm
by populartsl
Congratulations hurray