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6th winner of Mark Durham Memorial Giveaway

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 12:24 am
by Graydon

We have raised almost $8000 so far for Sheri, Marissa and Jessica Durham.

The sixth winner of the giveaway wins a Gator case from Simon, our Voxer winner. Look here for more details... ... 585#136585

Congratulations to

Joe Sward

for winning the Gator box!

Our next drawing will be in a few days. Please dig up some new years cheer and click that paypal link above and donate your dollars to the cause. Every $10 donated gives you a better chance of winning a prize. Sheri and the girls are very appreciative of what we are doing and they certainly need it.

Once again, congratulations to Joe Sward for winning the Gator box!

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 3:21 am
by particle
Congratulations Joe! hurray congrats

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 6:13 am
by 7enderman
congrats Joe.

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 8:15 am
Congrats Joe!

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 8:42 am
by geekmacdaddy
hurray congrats

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 12:59 pm
by dartanion
I'm officially jealous :oops:

I could really use something like that for gigging!!!

Congrat's Joe!!!

Posted: Tue 01/02/07 1:03 pm
by morcey2
dartanion wrote:I'm officially jealous :oops:

I could really use something like that for gigging!!!

Congrat's Joe!!!
Forget gigging, I could use something like that at home. 5 kids and all. I could probably put the guitars in there also. :twisted:

Congrat's joe.


Posted: Tue 01/02/07 2:23 pm
by jas
Wow.... I'm speechless! Just totally floored in fact! It never really occurred to me that I would actually win something.... I simply donated what I could to help the Durham family.

Thanks to Graydon, Gabriel, and everyone working on this - you have put in a lot of time and effort to make this run smoothly and fairly for everyone.

Please keep the donations coming - even if it's $10, every little bit helps. It would be nice to see at least $10k go to Mark's family.

I must say that I looked at the thread with the new prizes first, and was thinking "wow, I sure could use that!" and was making a mental note to start looking at prices.... you never know, you could end up winning as well.

If shipping needs to be covered, let me know.

Note: new email address joesward AT gmail DOT com (can't figure out how to change it on site).

Posted: Thu 01/18/07 2:56 am
by jas
Ok, just to update, Mr. UPS guy dropped a package off for me last Friday - here's the pics! :lol: This thing is the coolest since sliced bread! It's nice having a home for my pedals, instead of a rubbermaid box!

More to follow once I get the wife's camera fixed (year old Nikon D50 that won't autofocus anymore!).

Posted: Thu 01/18/07 4:50 am
by Poppatwang
That's slick. Someone had their thinking cap on. Congrats.