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Posted: Wed 06/27/07 1:45 am
by rjgtr
Oh yeah - check out my gallery for the work in progress...

Posted: Thu 06/28/07 10:48 pm
by rjgtr
I' making progress - more pics are up. I've got the trannies all wired and the board is mounted. I still need to do the input jacks and all the controls.

I may have this thing running by Saturday. Then I've got to cover the cabinet!

Posted: Sat 06/30/07 11:06 pm
by rjgtr
The Vajra's done and in it's cab. Go to my gallery for the rest of the pics.

So far I'm really impressed with Mark's design. The only change I made to the original design was to add a master volume to channel two (12DW7) and to not add the boost switch. I did add the boost footswitch jack, so the function is still there. I just didn't have a place for it on the front panel.

If you look at the pics and the layout, you'll notice it's different looking. This is because the layout is for a standard 18 watt chassis. The chassis S2 sent is for his Cat 5 amps, and has a different layout. First of all the control panel is reversed. the orientation of the inputs and controls is also different. It's actually a really nice chassis and uses cage nuts for mounting, which is better than the normal 18 watt chassis.

I'll try and do some clips in the next week. So far I'm very impressed in the character of the amp.