North Eastern WI amp, guitar, stompbox get together?

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North Eastern WI amp, guitar, stompbox get together?

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I am thinking about organizing a get-together for those ofus in northeastern Wisconsin as an opportunity to show off and share with other amps, guitars, stompboxes, or any other gear that you have either built yourself of are just particularly proud of. Of course I will need to gauge interest in this and would rather not go through the trouble of organizing it if 2 people with a couple of beat up Peavys show up.

The event would be held in the Green Bay area, and would feature an opportunity to get together with others of like mind to do a little jamming, demonstrating, talking shop, etc. I know that Wingnut has orgainized a few of these in the Madison area in the past and I have attneded them. Unfortunatley they seem to have dried up. Since I am in the Green Bay area, I would like to try and get the ball rolling here.

We would also like to have an open jam in the evening where you could play through a variety of gear with a full backing band, sound system, lights, etc. This part of the event would be held at a local bar and grill and open to the public. There is a small chance that we could do the entire thing in the same building, as the bar where the jam would take place is next to a currently empty space. We just have to figure out what kinds of costs would be involved. The open jam would of course be free, but the get together may require a small donation. I would like to keep it in the neighborhood of $5 and might even be able to offer some door prizes or t-shirts to those who were involved if there is interest.

I am thinking that the event would most likley take place in the early summer on a Saturday, so that all can stay late for the open jam and not have to worry about work the next morning.

I will be posting this on other boards as well, so if you see the same text, keep in mind that this is the same event.

Well, anyone interested?
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