This Tone Tubby speaker OK?

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This Tone Tubby speaker OK?

Postby spareribs » Mon 01/14/19 10:37 am

Probably a dumb question but:

I’m thinking of using this Tone Tubby Humbolt Alnico model 25 watt because according to the website, it’s good for lower volume environments like a studio and early break up. I tend to like lower volume speakers for this application. Is the speaker ok?
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Re: This Tone Tubby speaker OK?

Postby JMPGuitars » Mon 01/14/19 11:33 am

Tone Tubby makes great speakers, and that does make sense for your application...however, it's all very subjective. So you may love it, and you may not. It's worth a shot, but try it right. Play it well and break it in before you fully form an opinion on any speakers.

I'm actually curious about trying those out myself.
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