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Postby vmaxvmax » Sat 03/09/19 9:20 am

I'm about to fit some 6P14P-EV's for the hell of it to see what they sound like. They are supposed to be a tougher version of the standard EL84. I have some NOS coming from Russia.

I normally use NOS Mullards, Valvo's and sometimes current JJ's.

My amp is a lite 2b with 150r cathode resistor.

Do I need to change the cathode resistor for these 6P14P-EV's? I am not familiar with them... Some seem to think they are a straight 'drop in' replacement.

Any views on this? - many thanks in advance...
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Re: 6P14P-EV

Postby JMPGuitars » Sat 03/09/19 10:33 am

Supposedly that's a military spec EL84, so in theory it shouldn't matter. But in reality, you'll need to check your voltages.

I would also throw it in a tube tracer/tester to make sure the tubes are any good. Personally I don't trust anything NOS that hasn't been tested in a tracer.
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