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Posted: Tue 05/12/20 10:45 am
by crgfrench
I built my first guitar effect in high school, 1982. It was a talkbox, using an EV 1" driver in an aluminum box I TIG welded and tapped a 1 3/8" hole for 18TPI, to screw the driver up into. I used some red UV tubing and that thing worked great running out of my Fender (Rivera) superchamp. Somehow I lost it over the years so I built another one yesterday (no enclosure yet). Testing it, I was amazed to find how quickly you can fry a PyleDryver PDS442, which is rated for 500 Watts, with a cranked 5 Watt Marshall Class 5 amp. Took about a minute! ... G_72FJWAvk