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Re: 36 to 18 switch--possible?

Posted: Mon 09/20/21 11:26 am
by JMPGuitars
cstenger5 wrote:
Mon 09/20/21 7:48 am
Is there a way to simulate the LTP gain in a SE amp, without the PI? I have to imagine there is, using a single triode and some magical combination of caps and resistors. A SE el84-based power section is something I'd love to have. Did you end up working one up?
Nah. I don't think so, because simulations never quite match the real thing. Keep in mind a good amount of the tone is the PI itself overdriving, so without that, it will be different. Different isn't bad though, it's just different.

If you were going to use a single triode as an extra gain stage, it would be just that, an extra gain stage. You can tweak that however you want for your dirt to sound, but any comparison will be an exercise in convincing yourself it's similar enough for your liking. ;)

It will be a long while before I get around to this. I'm quite busy lately, and this is low priority. Though it will proooooobably eventually happen.

I like the idea of making a SuperDuperLite 2b, with just 2 tubes. That's probably what I would do first.


Re: 36 to 18 switch--possible?

Posted: Sat 09/25/21 1:22 pm
by zaphod_phil
There was a long discussion on on the topic of how to emulate the sound of a PI in an SE amp. Sadly, the discussion didn't get to any meaningful conclusion.