Van Halen Tribute Amp

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Re: Van Halen Tribute Amp

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crgfrench wrote:
Sun 07/03/22 7:38 pm
I put this amp on the back burner... the PT touches the speaker frame when installed in the combo cabinet
Man, that really sucks. I had an interference problem with the 36W I built too. A shield covering a row of electrolytics on the top side smacked the speaker frame when I tried to install the chassis. I was able to fab a slightly different shield on my small metal brake and solve the problem, but it was a real close call. Considering how difficult it can be to plan for things like this in advance, I'm surprised I ever get anything finished. Hope this works out OK for you.

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Re: Van Halen Tribute Amp

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I've been building some LM-386 based amps-in-a-pedal that I call "Fat Bastard". Just about finished prototyping them -- I taught myself Eagle and designed PCBs for them which has been a lot of fun.
Also starting work on a version of a Vox AC30/Matchless DC30 for a new customer who's in a band with an old customer I built a 36W Fullerwell 1x12 combo for. Going to get back to the EVH amp this year, hopefully!
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