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Moving a tonestack

Posted: Sun 11/28/21 9:29 am
by NickF
Hi I've been member here for a good few years. I never post.
Earlier this year I acquired a Mesa DC5 to gig. Basically just to save me having to take my Mark 5 out of the house.
They're close but not the same. The DC5 is nowhere near as tight sounding as the Mark 5.
So I get having a look at the schematics. The one glaring difference I see, the tonestack on the Mark amps are right after v1a from the plate. Where the DC5 the tonestack is down the line a bit. Coming from the plate of v3a off to the phase inverter. There are 3 gain stages before the tone controls.

So I'm wondering how much of a difference would that make? Would shifting the position in the circuit of that tonestack make much difference?

Many thanks