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mad professor old school 11

Posted: Sat 01/22/22 3:22 pm
Good evening to all
As I was watching videos on the web I fell on it
and I went crazy
can someone give me information (techniques)
some planĪƒ ,shematic , anything .....
I would very much like to make something like this is only 11 watts and in my ears it sounds very nice

Re: mad professor old school 11

Posted: Sun 01/23/22 10:25 am
by JMPGuitars
For that amp you might be better asking at our sister site

Double posting or sending private messages won't get you help any faster. You have to be patient when asking questions on a public forum, especially for something more obscure like that.

To me, the distortion in that video sounds muddy in the lower range. If you want touch-responsive dynamics in a simple amp that, to me, sounds a lot better than that, look at the 18Watt Lite 2b.