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SE Tremolo TMB

Posted: Thu 04/28/22 3:03 am
by Bieworm
Hi folks!

I a few weeks I will be building a single ended version of my favorite amp. I will be using a Tung sol 6L6GC STR tube for the output stage. Yes, Josh... I can hear you proposing the use of an EL34 coming from miles away, but I have this single 6L6 orphan left over from a pair of which I broke one when trying different tubes on my 36W Tremolo TMB reverb.
I have converted one of the JMPGuitars schematics to SE output. Is it just as simple as this? I might have to attenuate some of the signal into the 6L6?
SE tremolo TMB schematic.png

Re: SE Tremolo TMB

Posted: Sun 05/01/22 8:01 am
by JMPGuitars
It seems like you have the right idea, but most of the SE schematics I've seen for 6L6GC have a 3.5K OT...and even better, a lot of them can easily be swapped to EL34 to make them better. 😉😉

Re: SE Tremolo TMB

Posted: Sun 05/01/22 8:30 am
by geoff 1965
Yeah i’m sure i’ve seen a schematic of an SE that let you swap in 6L6,EL34 and 6V6 power tubes,if I find it i’ll post it.

Re: SE Tremolo TMB

Posted: Sun 05/01/22 9:28 am
by Bieworm
Thanks. It's the 15W SE OT I already ordered from John Wilkinson at , so I'll have to settle for 3k. With that preamp one could drive dog poo and still sound tremendous 😋
I used it in my Rockin'Bird as OD channel, and it sounds friggin' awesome in there too!