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18watt vs 5E3

Posted: Tue 08/02/22 3:23 pm
by Hebaton
O.K. Got my GPS 18watt running, love it...suddenly had the Idea of trying My 5E3 on the same 2 x 12 cab with grenback I've been playing the 18watt trough...
Now, very very surprised and undecided. MAn am loving that 5E3 like I never heard it before. Different than the usual combo with 12a125a, but wow. They are fifferent in character but I cannot say if I prefer one over the other ( 18watt vs 5E3 I mean )

anyone get this experience before ?


Re: 18watt vs 5E3

Posted: Tue 08/02/22 4:03 pm
by Bieworm
A 5E3 is a great amp.. no doubt. That's why...

But grow into the 18W. You'll get addicted to its complexity and its position into the mix in a band context. An 18W is so much more than meets the eye... You'll find out soon enough.

Re: 18watt vs 5E3

Posted: Mon 12/05/22 9:37 am
by Graydon
I have a Fender 5D3 tweed Deluxe. It is a lovely little amp which sounds great with a Strat or Tele (which is certainly expected). It is definitely different from an 18W and useful for its own thing. It isn't as aggressive as an 18W though. It is also looser and "flubbier" than an 18W. The 18W is pretty tight and focused, especially if your fingers tend to play that way. It will respond to your playing style. I like both but I don't play the 5D3 much - I prefer the 18W.