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JTM45 split cathode switch

Posted: Thu 08/25/22 1:54 pm
by Hebaton
I remember seeing a schematic for a switch doing that but can't seem to find it anymore.
Does anyon here know where I can get that ?
( a schematic for switch between split cathodes with plexi bypass values and original spec... )
I aasume doing that AND a tube / SS rectifier switch would result in pretty much two amps in one box...

Re: JTM45 split cathode switch

Posted: Fri 08/26/22 2:19 pm
by Hebaton
Really nobody can tel me how to do this ?

Re: JTM45 split cathode switch

Posted: Sat 08/27/22 3:40 am
by Bieworm
Its not that hard to figure out. If you study fat switches and such maybe things become more clear. Which values exactly are you trying to achieve? Draw out the 2 scenarios and start puzzling... that's more satisfying for you.. post your ideas then to let us check them out.🤘