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Weber Halle find

Posted: Wed 03/15/23 8:16 am
by cstenger5
Hey all, it's been a while. I've been distracted by building Miatas instead of amps and guitars. A few years ago, a local shop had a hideously built cab, with a mystery chassis build inside, on the shelf for $575. I spoke to the owner, and he said it was a Weber kit build someone had dumped. I played it, and liked it quite a bit. So I waited, deciding that it would sit, the owner would dump price, and I'd have parts for a rebuild, if nothing else. Well, I went to the shop last week, and it was still there. Got it for $260, brought it home, and opened it up. Not as hideous inside as I expected, but by no means tidy. Most importantly though, it is silent. No hum. So as bad as the cab and tolex are, and as untidy as the build is, I'm not going to touch it. Sounds great, no hum, great deal. I've been told that the circuit is derivative of a Dumble, with some Marshall component values, whatever that means. I'll go over the schematic soon, just to get familiar. It's not as mid-peaked as the Dumble copies as I've played, and has a decidedly british OD channel - and gain for days. So I'll do a new cabinet build for it, and add it to the pile of cool, quirky amps.

Re: Weber Halle find

Posted: Wed 03/15/23 8:36 am
by Bieworm
I thought you had totally lost yourself in that Miata-vibe-thing :D
well, sounds like an interesting amp you've got there. Sound clips are always welcome for that reason!

welcome back Chris! :bigups: